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Researchers at the Smart Freight Centre (SFC) actively participate in cutting-edge transportation research, contribute to educational endeavors through teaching activities, and foster collaborative partnerships with both industry and government entities.

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The Smart Freight Centre (SFC) is a centre of excellence for goods movement. SFC is a collaborative network established by the Region of Peel, McMaster University, University of Toronto, and York University.

Research, Data and Evidence-based Decision making

  • Robust, secure data collection and monitoring for all freight modes
  • Understanding of goods movement patterns
  • Evidence based analysis of potential policy changes and infrastructure projects

Partnerships, Advocacy Engagement and Awareness

  • Improve public recognition of goods movement as part of a vibrant economy
  • Reinforce the role of goods movement in infrastructure and policy decisions by all levels of government
  • Promote productive interactions between industry, government and communities

Technology Transfer

  • Innovative training programs to develop the next generation of goods movement professionals
  • Incubator for testing new ideas and launching pilot programs


This is an overview of our diverse endeavors across four key pillars: Research, Engagement, Innovation, and Education. Each tab offers a unique window into the various aspects of our work in logistics and supply chain management. From groundbreaking research and dynamic engagement to pioneering innovations and educational advancements, this section is designed to inform, inspire, and involve. Dive into each tab to discover the depth and breadth of our efforts in shaping the future of goods movement and logistics practices.

Discover the cutting-edge intersections of data science, operations research, and civil engineering in our transformative Research. Here, we spotlight our major 5-year NSERC collaborative research and development project, which redefines logistics efficiency and sustainability. From urban logistics optimization to the integration of groundbreaking technologies like autonomous vehicles and drones, this section unveils the innovative solutions shaping the future of express package delivery. Dive into our explorations of network planning, supply chain optimization, and the impacts of new technologies, all underpinned by a commitment to reducing environmental footprints and enhancing service quality.

At the heart of our mission, we proudly showcase our dynamic partnerships and an array of events that fuel our pursuit of excellence in logistics and supply chain management. Our Engagement tab highlights initiatives like the SFC Freight Leaders Series, where distinguished speakers from academia and industry converge to present cutting-edge insights and trends in goods movement. Explore the CLUE Symposium and the regular SFC Symposium, both pivotal events that foster meaningful dialogue and collaboration among experts. More than just events, these initiatives are powerful catalysts for innovation and networking, creating a vibrant community dedicated to advancing our field. Join us on this journey of continuous learning and connection.

Our researchers are dedicated to pioneering innovative solutions in the field of goods movement. We take pride in showcasing their significant achievements, which stand as a testament to our collective commitment and the practical impact of our research. Through this tab, you can explore the advancements and improvements in logistics practices that have emerged from these efforts. Join us in discovering how these innovations contribute to greater efficiency and sustainability.

We are dedicated to fostering knowledge and expertise in the field of goods movement. Here, we showcase our comprehensive training program, which includes a series of short courses offered periodically to enrich understanding and skills in freight transportation. Additionally, this section highlights specialized courses taught through our universities, designed to provide in-depth insights into various aspects of goods movement. Whether you are seeking to enhance your professional skills or deepen your academic knowledge, Our educational offerings are tailored to meet your career advancement needs in this dynamic field.

We feature some courses offered by SFC universities:

Code Course University
COMMERCE 4OT3 Transportation and Warehousing Management McMaster University
COMMERCE 20C3 Operations Management McMaster University
GMS 401 Operations Management Ryerson University
GMS 550 Business-to-Business e-Commerce Ryerson University
GMS 701 Purchasing and Supply Management I Ryerson University
MGT374H5 Operations Management University of Toronto
RSM370H1 Supply Chain Management University of Toronto
RSM455H1 Pricing University of Toronto
MGT270H5 Data Analytics for Management University of Toronto
MGT301H5 Coding and Data Management for Business Analytics (Accelerated) University of Toronto