Smart Freight Centre Advocates for a Coordinated Approach to Improve Goods Movement Infrastructure in the GTHA

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Smart Freight Center

A centre of excellence for goods movement.

We conduct evidence-based research on regionally significant goods movement issues and projects in Peel Region and the GTHA and advocate for the coordination of transportation infrastructure, land development, regulations, technology tools and resources.

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Resource Publications

We publish hundreds of research papers each year and present our work in a wide range of venues.

Explore some of our most recent research.

Analyzing Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on GTHA Traffic Congestion Using Travel Speed Data

Hasan Bayanouni, Mostafa Kouchakzadeh, Matthew J. Roorda.

University of Toronto TSpace, November 2021

Stochastic Last-mile Delivery with Crowd-shipping and Mobile Depots

Mousavi, K., Bodur, M., and Roorda, M. J.

Optimization Online (2020) Presented at the INFORMS 2020 annual virtual meeting.

Quantifying the air quality and health benefits of greening freight movements

Laura Minet, Tufayel Chowdhury, An Wang, Yijun Gai, I. Daniel Posen, Matthew Roorda, Marianne Hatzopoulou.

Environmental Research, Volume 183, April 2020.

A vehicle routing problem with movement synchronization of drones, sidewalk robots, or foot-walkers

Deng, P., Amirjamshidi, G. and Roorda, M.J.

Transportation Research Procedia. 46, 29-36 (2020)

A Data-driven Systematic Approach for Identifying and Classifying Long-Haul Truck Parking Locations

Nevland, E., Gingerich, K., Park, P.Y.

Transport Policy, 96, September 2020, pp. 48-59

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