The Importance Of Environmental Data For Smart Cities With Dr. Shirook Ali

August 15, 2023 · NEWS

Date: August 30 @ 11:00am – 12:00 pm EST

Location: Degroote School of Business (1280 Main St W, Hamilton, ON L8S 4L8)

                Room: DSB 505

Professor Elkafi Hassini , Chair of the Smart Freight Centre, invites you to another seminar in the Smart Freight Centre Leaders Series! We are proud to host speaker Dr. Shirook Ali presenting an insightful event where we’ll explore the significance of environmental data for smart cities.


Watch the video recording of Dr Shirook Ali’s presentation “THE IMPORTANCE OF ENVIRONMENTAL DATA FOR SMART CITIES” on YouTube

About the presentation

In the fast-growing urban landscapes, the challenge of managing and mitigating environmental pollution from transportation systems is becoming increasingly vital. With the proliferation of diverse transport modes and burgeoning urban populations, an effective approach to monitoring and mitigating pollution is paramount. Ecosystem Informatics Inc. (ESI), a forefront entity in the field of environmental monitoring, has embarked on a mission to harness telematics to present groundbreaking solutions for this complex challenge. Through extensive case studies in cities, ESI is devising ways to leverage technology for a cleaner and more sustainable future. These case studies provide illuminating insights into the implementation of telematics for accurate pollution monitoring, specifically targeting the transportation sector’s effects on the environment. The approaches are designed to cater to the unique urban landscapes, transport infrastructure, and environmental sensitivities for cities of the future.

About the speaker

Dr. Shirook Ali is a professional engineer, educator, and entrepreneur. Dr. Ali is the CEO and Founder of Ecosystem Informatics Inc. (ESI), a company that began years ago in response to the Ministry of Transportation Ontario (MTO)’s call to action for accurate pollution monitoring on Ontario highways. With a remarkable track record in innovation, Dr. Ali holds 33 US and international patents, primarily in the field of wireless mobile communication, stemming from her work at Huawei Technologies, BlackBerry Limited, and ESI. In addition to her role at ESI, Dr. Ali serves as an Adjunct Professor at various Ontario universities. Dr. Ali is actively involved in mentoring at the college level and supervising Ph.D. and Post-Doctoral personnel. Having authored over 120 scholarly papers, Dr. Ali’s combined achievements reflect her commitment to technological innovation, environmental conservation, and global stewardship.

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