Smart Freight Centre Thanks Louis-Paul Tardif

March 30, 2021 · NEWS
Louis-Paul Tardif presents “Ontario Supply Chains” at the Smart Freight Symposium, University of Toronto, November 4, 2019. (Photo: Region of Peel)

Louis-Paul Tardif has stepped down from his position as Director, Economic Analysis and Research at Transport Canada.

On the occasion of his retirement, the Smart Freight Centre says “thank you” to Louis-Paul Tardif for his leadership, support and vision for freight transportation in Canada and for his championship of the formation of Smart Freight Centre. His support was instrumental in our success. He brought to every meeting a positive perspective, a generous nature, and an inclination for laughter.

We wish him a long, healthy and happy and well-deserved retirement.

It was a pleasure to work with Louis-Paul. Over our many years of collaboration he brought great insight, a positive perspective and great leadership to creating a more sustainable transportation and logistics network.

– Sabbir Saiyed, Founding Board Member and Industry Liaison, Smart Freight Centre

From the beginning, Louis-Paul was a key ally of the Smart Freight Centre and his “get it done” attitude was instrumental in creating opportunities for freight collaboration in our region. I know from colleagues that he made similar contributions across Canada and that his leadership on ‘freight fluidity’ has had enormous influence on U.S. practices.

– Matt Roorda, Chair, Smart Freight Centre

I have been involved in many partnership research projects but my experience in collaborating with Louis-Paul was unique because of his level of engagement and his inspiring and refreshing perspective on supply chain issues.

– Elkafi Hassini, Vice Chair, Smart Freight Centre
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