The Smart Freight Centre is glad to present its 4th annual Smart Freight Symposium on November 15th, 2022. It will be hosted by the Laboratory of Innovations in Transportation, Civil Engineering Department, Toronto Metropolitan University.

Building on the success of the previous symposiums, Smart Freight Centre’s Symposium 2022 will again feature speakers from government and industry leaders and non-profits, as well as updates from university researchers on goods movement, transportation infrastructure.

The event will be held in Sears Atrium, George Vari Engineering and Computing Centre, 3rd Floor Toronto Metropolitan University, 245 Church St, Toronto, ON M5B 1Z4.

The event is by invitation only as the space capacity is limited. If you would like to attend or need more information please contact Dr. Bilal Farooq at bilal.farooq@ryerson.ca

The agenda of the symposium is attached below. It is a living document that will be continually updated.