Toronto City Council approves first Freight and Goods Movement Strategy

Toronto City Council has approved the City’s first Freight and Goods Movement Strategy that will help make transportation of freight and goods safer, more reliable and more sustainable in and around Toronto.

The Freight and Goods Movement Strategy identifies 24 strategic actions that the City, led by the Transportation Services division in partnership with other divisions and external partners, will undertake immediately and over the next several years.

The actions support improvements to Toronto’s transportation system to make it more efficient and reliable for shipments and freight movement, to reduce the negative impacts on the environment by reducing greenhouse gas emissions, reduce negative impacts on neighbourhoods most affected by shipments, and by improving safety for people using roads across the city.

“Improving how goods and products are moved in Toronto has great benefits for industry, residents and our economy now and during our recovery from COVID-19. Our city is growing rapidly, and the demands on shipping companies, manufacturers and local businesses are enormous with the rise of commerce, especially online shopping. This strategy anticipates future innovations for this industry while addressing concerns brought on by congestion, greenhouse gas emissions and the safety of residents, all while keeping Toronto economically vibrant.” – Mayor John Tory

Read the full City of Toronto October 27, 2020 news release “City Council approves first strategy to improve how freight and goods are moved in Toronto.”

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