Goods movement and trucking professionals play a significant role in supporting the people of Ontario during COVID-19: Iannicca

Statement from Nando Iannicca, Peel Regional Chair recognizing the Goods Movement industry during COVID-19

Brampton, ON (July 13, 2020) – On behalf of Regional Council, Chair Nando Iannicca recognizes the members of Region of Peel Goods Movement Task Force and the business industry as a whole for their efforts in response to the health crisis during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“The Province’s timely action in lifting delivery restrictions and allowing all businesses to deliver goods any time of the day has enabled a consistent movement of essential goods and supplies throughout the pandemic,” said Chair Iannicca.

“Goods movement and trucking professionals have played a significant role in supporting the people of Ontario. By following the provincial health and safety guidelines, they have successfully stepped up to the challenge and assured the public that essential supplies would be available at their supermarkets, drug stores and other retailers when needed. In these uncertain times, you’ve done an excellent job of managing the crisis while staying safe. On behalf of Peel Regional Council, I thank you.”

The Peel Goods Movement Task Force was created to promote and advocate for efficient goods movement across the Region. The Task Force brings together public and private sector interests involved in goods movement to develop a common vision and guide future improvement for the transportation network in Peel and the GTHA to help reduce community and environmental impacts of moving goods.

Source: Region of Peel News Release July 13, 2020